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Prime Chemical Solutions traces its roots in Kansas City back to the 1950's when it was founded as Prime Market Distributors and began providing goods and services to local restaurants.

Frank Accurso bought Prime Market Distributors, changed its name to Prime Market Services, and continued to work with Kansas City's hospitality industry for many years.

In the early '90's, Walt Rogers came to work for Frank at Prime Market Services and used his decade of experience in commercial warewashing to build one of the strongest independent companies of its kind in the Midwest.

In February 2000, Walt bought Prime Market Services and continued to expand its footprint in Kansas City.

In 2020, Walt continued to adapt by changing the name of Prime Market Services to Prime Chemical Solutions, so that our company's name would better reflect what we do.

Today, Prime Chemical Solutions focuses on commercial warewash, commercial laundry, and commercial housekeeping throughout the Kansas City metro.

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