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Our calling card over the years has been a commitment to equipment service. When you call for an after-hours emergency, you talk directly with one of our service technicians. There are no third party answering services and there is no out-of-state operator. The person that you talk to will be the person that shows up.

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3-Tank Sinks

3-tank sinks are critical for any commercial kitchen and Prime Chemical Solutions provides a wide range of 3-tank sink products.  As part of our regular service, we provide preventative maintenance on metered dispensing systems to ensure compliance with the health department and to monitor proper chemical usage.

Soak Tanks

Our Soak Tank Program is an all-inclusive system for cleaning large kitchen equipment and cookware. The soak tank can effectively clean anything from fryer baskets, to large pots & pans, oven racks, grease filters, hood filters, grill grates, baking sheets and even cooking utensils.

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Prime Chemical Solutions provides a wide range of commercial laundry options.  From traditional 3-part sytems and 5-part systems to complete solid detergent systems, our customers can find a system that addresses their needs.

Prime's laundry customers include hotels, motels, nursing homes, and many country clubs.


Our "Clean Power" program is a highly effective and cost-efficient housekeeping option. Our all purpose cleaners, disinfectants, aerosols, window cleaners, and bathroom cleaners make sure the front of the house looks great.


Nobody services commercial dishwashers like Prime Chemical Solutions and few things are more important to a restaurant than clean dishes and clear glassware.

We install, service, and maintain all major brands of commercial dishwashers including Hobart, CMA, Jackson, and Kansas City's own American Dish Service (ADS).

Whether you need a glasswasher for a small bar or a large conveyer machine for a school or hospital, we have what you need.  Because we work directly with so many different manufacturers, we are able to create a custom dishwasher experience for each customer.

All of our customers, whether you own, lease, or lease-to-own your machine receive regular preventative maintenance . There is NEVER a trip charge. So long as you are buying dish chemicals from Prime Chemical Solutions, we will make sure your machine is running and that it is providing great results. 

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