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Guaranteed Quality

Your guests depend on a comfortable experience. In part, that experience relies on the quality of your laundry system. To help achieve complete overall guest satisfaction, your linens must feel soft, the sheets must smell fresh, and your towels must be bright and white.


Prime Market offers an extensive range of products and dispensing solutions for your operations on premise or commercial laundry system. Our dispensing program delivers enhanced cleaning that is not only functional and reliable, but also efficient.

As our valuable customer, you can expect your linens to be consistently clean, crisp and fresh. High quality products and equipment paired with unmatched customer support makes for an outstanding partnership.

Preventive maintenance comes standard with our Laundry Program. We want your system to run smoothly and efficiently. Our trained team of technicians will regularly check dilution rates, analyze output reports, and monitor the overall dispensing system. For ultimate customer satisfaction, we provide a trusted and trained sales and service team that is available 24/7.

Partner with Prime Market so that together, we can fight stains and create the ultimate guest satisfaction. Contact us today and ask about our Laundry Program.

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