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Soak Tanks

Guaranteed Value

The Prime Market Soak Tank Program is an all-inclusive system for cleaning large kitchen equipment and cookware. The soak tank can effectively clean anything from fryer baskets, to large pots & pans, oven racks, grease filters, hood filters, grill grates, baking sheets and even cooking utensils.


Our program eliminates the time consuming part of cleaning up. Allowing your big equipment to soak overnight can free up valuable man-hours that would otherwise be spent scraping and scrubbing. The process is simple. Submerge equipment into the tank and let it sit in the solution overnight. Remove and rinse the items the next morning. Just like that, your cookware is clean and ready to be used again.


The soak tanks are made out of a tough polyurethane material, which is USDA approved and Certified by NSF International. Each soak tank also comes with a set of wheels so that it is never in the way of anything else. The specific dimensions of each soak tank are 32”-19”-25” and can hold 37 gallons. The solution we use is a premier cleaning solution specifically designed to break down oil, grease, and carbon buildup. Our soak tanks are multipurpose. They are perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitality facilities and even supermarkets.


The program consists of a bi-monthly drain, clean, and refill service that leaves the hassle out of keeping equipment clean. Let our trained technicians take care of the tedious stuff. We even provide onsite training for staff members that includes tips, tricks and safety measures.


Utilizing our soak tank program can positively affect your bottom line. Our program reduces labor expenses, extends equipment life, and streamlines the whole cleaning process.

Contact us today and ask about our Soak Tank Program.

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