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Three Compartment Sinks

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Does your business implement a multi compartment sink, or are you thinking about utilizing a multi compartment sink? Look no further than Prime Market.

As Kansas City’s leader in hygiene solutions, our primary expertise is in food service. Our goal is to enhance your guest’s experiences for superior satisfaction and customer retention. Let us partner with you to provide consistency across your operation and implement solutions with regard to food safety, cost management, and sustainable practices. We offer a variety of comprehensive programs that are flexible and tailored to your businesses exact needs.


We provide the sink, dispensers, tubing, faucet kit, and Chemicals. As always, installation is free, provided the continued usage of our premier chemicals.


If you already have a sink, we will provide new dispensers, tubing, faucet kit modifications, and chemicals. As always, installation is free, provided the continued usage of our premier chemicals.


We will provide a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery of our premier chemicals to keep your operation running smoothly

Our professionally installed equipment is easy to use, accurately measures and as always, comes with 24/7 service and support. We pair our equipment with products that wash, rinse, disinfect, sanitize and cut away grease to create the ultimate cleaning program.

The combination of quality products, long-lasting dispensers, and expert service leads to the ultimate one stop shop for all of your cleaning and sanitizing needs. A partnership with Prime Market ensures that your business is taking the right steps to creating a clean and prosperous future.

For more information, contact us today and ask about our Three Tank Sink program.

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