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Guaranteed Results

Partnering with Prime Market for your ware wash needs enables you and your business to concentrate on your guest’s satisfaction while knowing that the kitchen is running smoothly. Our comprehensive program delivers spotless dishware, silverware, and glassware to your operation. This will leave a lasting impact on your guests and bring them back through your doors again.

We work directly with you and your business to create and tailor an effective and cost friendly ware washing program. Our experts will analyze your kitchen to determine what kind of machine will work best in your environment. With over twenty years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that our team will recommend the most durable and economical machine for your particular kitchen. We strive to deliver consistent results and cost friendly solutions when choosing a program.

We provide dish machines for any size of business. That includes kitchen, bar, conveyor, etc. You name it and we can get it.

Through Prime Market, you and your business have a few options for your machine.


For a fixed monthly lease, you can rest assured knowing that your dish machine is always operational. We lease dish machines of all shapes and sizes. From small glass washers to large conveyors we carry the right machine for your business. As long as the machine is leased and the customer is purchasing our Premier line of products, we will never charge for service calls or repair parts.


The best long-term option is our lease to own program. During the term of the lease, the customer does not pay for repair parts or service calls, just like the flat lease program. After the machine is paid off, the customer only has to pay for repair parts. Service calls are cost free providing the customer is still using our Premier product line.


We offer competitive pricing for all major commercial dishwasher brands. We install each machine at no charge and will design a comprehensive program that is tailored to your operation. Continued use of our Premier product line means that service calls are no charge no matter what.


Prime Market will take your existing machine and thoroughly inspect, repair and clean it. In most cases, this has proven to be an extreme cost saver.


If you already own a machine, we will pick up where the other guy left off and continue to provide maintenance on it.

As always, Prime Market customers receive free labor, provided they are purchasing our premier line of chemical products. Parts and repairs are free on a leased machine.

Our line of dish machine chemicals are economically friendly, cost effective, and better suited for extended use. We carry several types of detergent, rinse, and sanitizing products for both high temperature machines and low temperature machines.

At your choosing, our route representative will come to your business on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled visit to inspect machines, usage, and overall cleanliness. This service call also includes any preventive maintenance that your machined could need. These representatives have the knowledge and expertise to know exactly what products are most effective for your particular operation. 

At the end of the day, no program will ever be fault free. As a Prime Market customer, you can rest assured because our 24/7 expert technicians are always standing by to diagnose, troubleshoot, and efficiently repair your machine. Click here for emergency service.

We also carry stainless steel tables, stainless steel scrap baskets, dish racks, bucket dollies, and pre-rinse assemblies. Ask your representative for a complete list of products we offer.

Let us help you access a completely new level of clean. You can rest assured knowing that your operation will meet compliance standards and create the best possible experience for your guests. With added productivity, safety, utility conservation, and free onsite training, the ware wash program at Prime Market is sure to give you and your business the upper hand.

Contact us today and ask about our Ware Wash Program.

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